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Diet calculator

Many duets have proven that they cannot do much without each other. Sport and nutrition are no exception.

This is why Featness offers you, in addition to a complete 6 week program, a diet calculator entirely adapted to your lifestyle.

Many people, athletes or not, do not know how to properly balance the amount of food they eat. And yet, it is essential if you hope to increase your sporting results.

Your dietary program takes into account several key parameters to calculate the overall amount of macronutrients you need to consume during your day.
You will need to tell us more about your age, weight, height, gender, daily activity, number of workouts during the week and your calorie preferences.

Thanks to all these variables and our unique algorithm designed with nutritionists, we will be able to tell you the amount of food that is best for you.

Each day, whether you are working out or resting, will be divided into several meals and snacks, giving you the right foods to put on your plate.

A food does not suit you? Do not panic, you can change it with one of our suggestions or choose from a library of 15,000 ingredients.

Of course, the amount to put on your plate will vary depending on the type of food you choose, so the macronutrients will be automatically updated.

With this, no more excuses to put the wrong amount of food on your plate.



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Discover unique sessions, a personalized 6-week program and a flexible diet calculator.

  • Personalized food plan
  • Diet calculator under the supervision of a nutritionist
  • 6 weeks fully personalized program
  • Many hours of training with audio
  • Save favorite videos
  • Special space for women