Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


This dumbbell curl exercise will allow you to focus on your biceps with two different grips : supination and neutral grip. You will work your muscles fully.
Vary the exercises, angles, grip and weights to optimize the strengthening of your biceps. You can integrate the dumbbell curl with bench in unilateral + neutral dumbbell hold curl for upper body sessions.

Follow these instructions for the unilateral dumbbell curl with hammer curl

    • 1. Have dumbbells for your session and a bench that you tilt at 90 °.
    • 2. In the upright position, with the back flat and the dumbbell in supine position, place the shoulder and elbow on the bench and extend the arm (without stretching it as far as possible).
    • 3. Pull the dumbbell towards the shoulder keeping the elbow in contact with the bench.
    • 4. Go back down slowly to the starting position.
    • 5. Continue voting series by repeating the movement on this arm then change sides.
    • 6. Pair your session with the neutral curl plug, on both arms simultaneously.
    • 7. Take the dumbbells into neutral hold (palms facing each other).
    • 8. With your back up, your back straight, your abdominals contracted, your knees slightly bent, raise the dumbbells as above.
    • 9. Check the descent as much as possible, then return to the starting position.
    • 10. Continue according to your series.


To improve on the dumbbell curl with unilateral bench with hammer curl here, our tips, advice and techniques

    • 1. Move only the forearm.
    • 2. Keep a straight posture, adapt the bench to your posture rather than your back.
    • 3. Do not lean forward.
    • 4. Do not take a swing and do not jerk.

To vary, here are other exercises

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