Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedLower back, calves, hamstrings, quads


This exercise series maximizes gains on the glutes. Useful for all your legs sessions, it is better to do it in the beginning or middle of session, because it is a hard series.

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In addition, you will strengthen the lumbar, calves, hamstrings and quads.

This series is reserved for people of intermediate level and can be adapted for beginners by reducing the number of repetitions for example.

Think about your diet plan to complete your workouts.

We advise you to master each exercise before performing this series.

Here are the instructions for lunges & squat & stiff dumbbell legged dead lift

I : Lunges + leg raise :

Make a classic lunge with or without the bar : a big step in front, the knee bent at 90 ° and above the ankle followed by a rear elevation of the leg as tense as possible. (see video)

Reminder : For knee comfort, you can move the knee outward during exercise.

II : Squat or double squat

Perform a squat or double squat (difficult option) by squatting on the spot as to sit down, bend your knees, push the glutes and hips backwards. Remember to have your back flat and slightly leaning forward to help you move.

Reminder : The back is flat, buttocks and hips go backwards. Keep the heels on the ground. For knee comfort, you can orient the knee outward during exercise.

III : Bended bust and stretched legs

While standing, stretch your legs and place or not the bar on the upper part of your shoulders. Feet are shoulder width or more depending on how you feel. Flex the hips and buttocks backwards and bring the bust forward, parallel to the floor with a flat back.

Remember : Do not round up your back. You can have a slight knee flexion as you feel if exercise becomes difficult. If the position of the bar bothers you, put it in front of you with stretched arms like the stretched leg with bar exercise.

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