Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


The abdominals are essential for the stability of the pelvis, the orientation of the bust and offers a important help in most exercises composed of the upper body. They consist of the right, the transverse and the oblique.

To have the abdominals drawn and massive, it is essential to vary the exercises to strengthen the different parts of the abdomen. A healthy lifestyle and a proper diet will be just as important as muscle work.

The fat cells responsible for the fat store are in front of your abdominals, so working the abdominals with too much fat on the stomach will only swell your stomach. It will then be necessary to review your food plan.

This isolation exercise will strengthen your rectus abdominis and your transverse. This emphasizes the bottom of the abdominals.

This is the instructions for hip raises

  • 1. Iinstall a bench declined at 45 °.
  • 2. Lie back with your back plaqued and legs are stretched down.
  • 3. Hold over your head: handles, bar, all types of equipment where you can securely hold yourself.
  • 4. Raise the pelvis upwards as far as possible, going up towards the chest.
  • 5. Continue by repeating the movement.

Hip raises : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Aspire your bellybutton to stay straight.
  • 2. Imagine a board to stay as flat as possible and aligned as possible.
  • 3. During your series, do not stop, continue your movement without ever stopping to maintain the abdominal contraction.
  • 4. Slow down the movement as you lower.

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