Session duration75 min

The charges are not indicated in order to let you the choice to adapt them according to the number of repetitions requested. (ex: if 10 repetitions are required, choose a weight that allows you to perform them)

The goal of the session will be to increase the volume of your calves because it is where you have the + energy.

Secondly, it will be a full Push (pectoral - shoulder - triceps) session focused on hypertrophy for the pectorals and volume for the shoulders and triceps.

It is a session that contains a lot of exercises but sets are not exhausting for the nervous system and are not too numerous because we only have between 2 and 3 per exercise

This program can be done minimum every 4 days to be able to recover correctly.

1-1 Seated calves (Smith machine if you don't have a machine) : 12-20 reps

1-2 Semi vertical leg press calves : 12-20 reps + drop set for the last

  • 3 working sets : 1' between each superset

Do not forget the 5 minutes of joint warm-up which will be very important to realize before this session :

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