Session duration50 min

The charges are not indicated in order to let you the choice to adapt them according to the number of repetitions requested. (ex: if 10 repetitions are required, choose a weight that allows you to perform them)

In this session, we will start by toning the calves with 2 exercices.

Second, we will target specific parts of the upper body: chest, shoulder (3 bundles) & triceps oriented on strenghtening.

All exercices of this session will be in superset to optimize the results as much as possible and thus increase the intensity of the training.

This program can be performed at least every 3 days to be able to have time to recover proprely.

First superset :

1-1 Calf leg press : 10 reps toes closes - 10 toes opened exterieure - 10 reps toes straight

1-2 Standing calf with Bosu and Kettlebel : 20 reps

3 working sets : 45'' between round

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