Type of exerciseComposé

Muscles usedAbs, biceps, shoulders, upper back


Here, it is a variation and this allows you to focus on a specific side of the back. It is important to strengthen one-sided, to densify and increase the strength of your muscles.

On this guided machine, movement is assisted and warns you of possible injuries, provided you respect your muscular abilities and flexibility.

This compound movement will work mainly on your lats. Also secondary muscles such as : the abdominals, the biceps, the shoulders and your upper back.

Like all your bodybuilding exercises, it is important to optimize your diet plan.

This is the nstructions for unilateral lat machine and how to do 

  • 1. Set the load on the machine, sit down, grasp the handle, and let your arm stretch.
  • 2. While inhaling, pull the handle down to your maximum amplitude or machine.
  • 3. While exhaling, go back to the initial position
  • 4. Continue your series by repeating the movement. Then change sides.

Unilateral lat machine : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Breath during movement is inverted, inhale as you pull the handles down. Exhale when you go back up.
  • 2. Tighten your shoulder blades voluntarily during the concentric phase (descent).
  • 3. Make slow movements, and use a break time when the handle is at its lowest.
  • 4. Keep the return phase as much as possible, control the movement on the eccentric phase (when you release to return to the initial position).
  • 5. Do not overtighten the handle in order to not overload your forearms.
  • 6. Do not lock elbows.

Possible variants for unilateral lat machine

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