Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedBiceps, traps, upper back


The upright row is a known exercise in the fitness club, this compound movement can work both your biceps, upper back and your traps in addition to the shoulders that are the main concern here.

Tight grip will enhance the impact on your anterior deltoids.

Carefully read the performance instructions for upright row with bar grip closed

  • 1. Plan for a free bar with a defined load.
  • 2. Bend your knees to catch your bar, grip the pronation (palm of the hand down) and tighten, that is means hands close to each other.
  • 3. The feet are at the width of the pelvis, knees slightly bent and your shoulders are relaxed. Your arms are lying down and hold the bar in the down position.
  • 4. Raise the bar by raising your elbows only and lifting your shoulders slightly to the end of the concentric phase.
  • 5. Lower the bar to return to the starting position.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Here are our tips, advice and techniques for pulling chin tight grip bar

  • 1. The bar is always close to the body during the entire exercise.
  • 2. Do not break your wrists.
  • 3. Imagine a rope pulling your elbows up.
  • 4. Raise the bar to your maximum amplitude, if possible to the underside of the chin.
  • 5. Keep your elbows aligned with the shoulders on the same plane.
  • 6. Do not lock elbows.
  • 7. Let your shoulders free during movement without over-exaggerating their movement.

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