Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedForearms, shoulders


Here is an excellent exercise to fully develop your biceps. The brachial biceps, the anterior brachialis, all the parts participate.

In addition, you will require the muscles of the forearm (brachioradial) and the shoulder (anterior deltoid). It is therefore a complete movement.

Here are the instructions for executions for the alternating standing dumbbell curl

  • 1. Have a dumbbell in each hand in neutral grip (face palms facing each other). In a standing position, stand straight and let your arms extended along the body. The feet are at the pelvis witdh spacing or shoulders depending on how you feel.
    2. Raise the dumbbells as high as possible towards the shoulder by contracting the biceps. During this movement, turn your wrist so that your palm is in the direction of the back (supine hold) once the dumbbell at the top of the position.
    3. Release the tension, control the movement and lower the dumbbell to return to the initial position. Turn the wrist again, when it reaches the height of the elbow, so as to return to the initial position in neutral position.
    4. Continue your series by alternating the same movement on the other side.

Tips, advice, techniques, you are told everything about alternating standing dumbbell curl

  • 1. Do not pull with your back, keep motionless throughout the series.
  • 2. It is better to charge lighter to perform well rather than pulling on your back. Adapt your charges.
  • 3. Only the forearm moves, do not use your shoulder.
  • 4. The elbows are fixed throughout the movement.
  • 5. Keep some bending in the elbow when you lower the dumbbell.
  • 6. Look in front of you and do not lean your head down.
  • 7. Control all the movement.

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