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Featness – sports coaching videos

Do you want to work on your cardio directly from your smartphone or your PC? Do you want to follow a precise intensive training by repeating the same movements as your sports coach, for a completely safe session? Then discover our various cardio workout videos, our weekly sessions videos, workouts, specific exercises or warm-ups sessions... It's easy with Featness, exercising quickly becomes a game!

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Our workouts videos: an intensive sports coaching session

It's time to sweat with our workout videos with equipment or without equipment. Fat burning workouts, abs workouts, butt workouts, high intensity training (HIT) workouts... Discover our many workouts presented by professional sports coaches.

Our exercise videos: work on a specific muscle group

Do you want to work a particular muscle? Or you surely need to check the movements before doing an exercise in the gym or during your sports session at home, in order to avoid an injury? Our exercise videos are there to help you: machine exercises, exercises using a weight bench, exercises with or without equipment… with Featness, everything is possible!

Our weekly workout schedule : work out according to your goals

Are you tired of classic weekly sports programs such as weight loss or mass gain workout plans? Good, discover our weekly seasonal programs that will help you to get back to training after New Year celebrations or to have your bikini body ready as summer approaches... Stay in shape all year round thanks to Featness!

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Our specific videos: sports specialists at your service

Hip flexor exercises, quad stretches or specific warm-up to activate your hips, Featness offers you a series of specific videos to warm up and exercise at home, or in your favourite gym.

Our cardio videos: heartbeat to the music

Burpees, mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks… your heart must certainly be racing when you hear these names. Our cardio videos without equipment or with equipment are waiting for you. Only one thing to do: download Featness.