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Sports coaching exercises videos

Do you want to work your pecs, or would you rather tone your lower body with hamstring exercises or glute exercises? Exercises with or without equipment, upper body or lower body exercises, we offer you a series of fun online personal training videos. Enjoy them as much as you want from your phone, your improvised home gym or in your favourite gym. Working out has never been easier than with your digital personal trainer, Featness! Come on, you just have to try it!

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Our upper body exercise videos

With the Featness online sports coaching app, you can access a series of targeted exercise videos to work your upper body. There are exercises to strengthen your back, such as neutral grip horizontal pull-ups. There’s also bodyweight exercises to work your abs... But that's not all! You have a wide choice of exercise videos for upper body workouts. With Featness, discover our chest exercises, abs exercises, shoulder exercises, forearm exercises... the list goes on and on, so why not discover it yourself?

Close grip dumbbell bench press

Lat pull

Band single arm side lateral raise

Plank on swiss ball

Lower body exercise videos

Do you want to work your lower body to feel better about yourself? It's easy: with Featness, you are offered videos of targeted sports coaching exercises to work on your calves, thighs or glutes. There are no more excuses for postponing your training session; get started! Whether you are at your gym, using your living room as an improvised home gym, or outdoors, watch our videos in a few clicks which will explain the movements of the lower body workouts in detail. Let's go!

Unilateral leg extension


Smith machine reverse lunges

Sissy Squat

Our exercise videos with equipment

Do you want to work out with a machine, or with a weight bench, or even exercise with dumbbells in your nearest gym? Thanks to your Featness personal training mobile app, anything is possible! Choose the video you’d like to watch in just a few clicks, and gently replicate the movements in your favourite weight or fitness room! Featness, your digital PT who comes with you to the gym!

Bent standed dumbbell row

Cable extension

Seated dumbbell shrug

Standing rear delt with band

Our exercise videos without equipment

Investing in dumbbells can quickly become a major commitment, whether money or time-wise. If the only thing you have at home is a gym mat, if you’re teleworking with an extra busy schedule but want to lose weight, it’s no problem. Our videos of exercises without equipment, posted online in our personal training app, will help you reach your flat stomach goals in between two video conferences. In just a few clicks, with lively music that we have selected for each exercise, nothing can undermine your motivation! Featness is by your side during your fitness journey, with music!

Sit up

Tap Crunch

Split squat

Lying crunch stretched legs