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Sissy Squat


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesCalves, glutes, hamstrings,


Activated muscles

Very popular in fitness clubs, sissy squat can isolate your quads and strengthen your posterior chain including your glutes and your hamstrings. This polyarticular exercise is suitable for all your legs sessions, it is useful to use at the end of the session. It is a variant of the classic squat.

It is advisable to have good flexibility in the ankles and hips to achieve sissy squat.

The sissy squat, here are the instructions to follow

  • 1. Stand on a machine that will hold yourself or in a standing position.
  • 2. Place your feet at a shoulder width spacing according to your hip flexibility.
  • 3. While exhaling, flex your hips, tilt your pelvis and put your buttocks backwards, and bend your knees to lower yourself to the "squatting" position (see video).
  • 4. Once the full amplitude is reached, go back up by pushing in your legs.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Read our tips, techniques and advice for sissy squat

  • 1. The back remains flat throughout the exercise, the bust leans forward slightly in a natural way to assist movement. However, you must not round or pull on your back to help you back up.
  • 2. Voluntarily contract the glutes for better performance and more efficient results (in particular aesthetic).
  • 3. Keep the heels on the ground, press with the heels if necessary to stay balanced.
  • 4. You can put your hands in front of you to help balance.
  • 5. Your look is in front and neutral, it follows the movement of your bust and it is aligned with your cervical. Do not look at the floor.
  • 6. On this version, do not bend your knees forward.
  • 7. Imagine sitting on a chair for hip flexion.

The different variants of sissy squat

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