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Featness, your digital sports coach at home

No matter what your sporting goals are, be it building muscle or losing weight, it's often difficult to find motivation to work out one's muscles or cardio on a regular basis. Here's the solution: get guidance from a team of professional sports coaches and fulfil your goals with Featness, your digital sports coaching mobile app!

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Discover our personalised 6-week program

You feel hung up about a part of your body that you would really like to change? As a true digital sports coach available for Android and iOs phones, Featness is there to help you overcome that complex.

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A top-notch algorithm

Our tailored training program analyses your own criteria and suggests the training that best targets your needs, with the help of our AI (artificial intelligence) and of a scalable algorithm that adapts to your specificities.

Focus on a muscle

Wanna give priority to change a part of your body? Our tailored programme adapts to your needs and as a result makes your training highly specific.

A custom made program

Our 6-week programme combines an individual diet plan together with an online training programme that studies each week the right muscle to work out, while calculating the resting time between each training day.

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A full-scale digital coach to guide you on a daily basis

To be used at home, at the gym or at work during lunch break, your remote sports coach Featness follows you everywhere to warm up, get your figure back, maintain your physical fitness and get your muscle growth steady overtime.

A personalized diet plan

We provide you with a diet plan (premium version) adapted to your height, weight, gender and sports goal. Featness acts both as a sports coach and as a home diet specialist.

With Featness's online sports coaching, no room for routine

Start building the upper part of your body, and another week work out your cardio with specific exercises to improve your stamina. With Featness, you won’t see sport as routine again.

Need flexibility in your sports schedule?

That's precisely what your sports coaching app is about. At Featness, flexibility and result tracking are the rule. We suggest you tailored sports coaching adapted to your pace.

Level up with Featness+

Need to try our app before going further? No problem, more than 150 workouts are at your very own disposal. Work out from 20 minutes up to more than an hour and assess if the exercises suit you before subscribing to a paid membership. Many more free features are only waiting for you to try them out! Let's get into it!

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A community to boost you when you feel limp

On top of providing personalised support, Featness connects you to a community of sporting enthusiasts. If you see sport as a collective thing, how about encouraging your friends and relatives to join our caring community? Stronger together!

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