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GAINFUL Hamstring Glute & Calves Tempo


Duration45 min

Activated muscles

Here is a low body workout with tempos!

In this training you have to perform variations in tempo, and you will realize the physical imbalances that you may have.

This workout helps you stay in shape due to the massive control involved in highlighting weaknesses and can lead to those strength gains and ultimately increase awareness of alignment.

You will need 2 pairs of dumbbells and a chair or other type of support for this workout.
I use a 30kg dumbbell for the heavy pair sumo deadlift and 14kg for the other exercises.

The following actions are performed for the following tempos

4-1-1 (slow rise for about 4 '')
1-1-4 (slow descent for about 4 '')
1-4-1 (hold for about 4 '')

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