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Specific warm-up videos

A sports session cannot be improvised, quite the contrary! At the beginning of your workout, your personal trainer recommends some warming up for you. These exercises wake your body up and get your cardiac and respiratory system, as well as your muscles and joints, ready for the effort to come. These warm-ups are crucial, particularly to avoid any risk of injury. Other types of warm-ups exist, and you certainly know them: specific warm-ups. Featness, your personal training application, just happens to offer several videos of specific warm-ups just for you. Check them out now!


Our specific warm-up videos — mobility and activation warm-ups

Do you want to resume regular physical activity after a long period of time without working out? Then discover our videos of specific warm-ups: mobility and activation, made of several practical exercises. In just a few clicks, watch how our professional sports coaches perform their warm-up exercises on video, then it's your turn!

Cardio and Strengthening Warm-up

Full Body Warm Up

DYNAMIC Warm up w Dumbbells

Ankle mobility