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Coaching video—online workout

Do you wish to exercise your upper body instead of your lower body? Do you aim at losing fat and following rhythmic cardio training via punchy online videos made by professional sports coaches? Featness happens to have a series of fun and easily accessible workout videos just for you. At home or in the gym, Featness is the solution for a digital sports session!

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Our videos of upper body workouts

Featness, your digital sports coach, offers you several workout videos to work on your upper body. With or without equipment, sculpt your chest or your abs with our dedicated workout videos. All you need is a sports mat and your phone, and let’s go for your training session!

PURE Push Dumbbell & Bodyweight & Calf

HIGH Hypertrophy Push Workout


TRISETS Shoulder & Triceps

Our videos of lower body workouts

Sports workouts to work your glutes, your thighs or your hamstrings... our lower body workout videos are precisely what you needed for to get fit as hell again! Featness offers fun sports training video sessions to help you improve day after day. What are you waiting for to get started?


STRENGHT & PLYO Glute Hamstrings w Abs

PERFECT Cute w Ankle Weight

PLYOMETRIC Glutes Hamstring & Abs Minimum Equipment

Our strength workout videos

Check out our strength workout videos. Exercises of intensive activities lasting a few minutes, combining different types of floor exercises, squats, core strengthening, but also cardio exercises to burn down your calories. Featness, your digital PT helps you give the best of yourself, day after day.

Hamstrings Harmony for Lower Body Mastery

Booty Bounty

Pretty Shoulder at the Gym (w abs)

The Perfect Push Workout for Growth (Chest Shoulder Triceps)

Our workout videos with equipment

Take advantage of your subscription to the gym or to your favourite fitness room, and watch our various sports workout videos with machine exercises and our workout videos with fitness equipment. Use the weight bench, start your Push session video and let's go for an intensive session of chest workout. Featness, your sports coach who accompanies you to the gym.

How to Grow Wide Shoulders at the Gym

Our workout videos without equipment

If you are more into the sports at home team and not a big fan of crowded gyms, no problem. Featness happens to offer several workout videos without equipment or with minimal sports equipment. We have video workouts to do at home or outdoors, according to your desires! A simple mat, small dumbbells, and you're off to get back in shape!

10 Min Non Stop Beginner Abs

10 Min Non Stop Intermediate Abs

10 MIN Non Stop Booty Pump| No Equipment By Sarah

10 Min Non Stop Advanced Abs

Circuit training video workouts

Do you want to work all the muscles in your body with an intensive workout consisting of a series of high-intensity exercises? Featness is the solution: we have HIIT or full-body workout videos just for you. Featness helps you outperform yourself, and it's for your own good.


STRUCTURED Full Body w Dumbbells

Full body Circuit Cardio & Strength