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Cardio workout videos sports coaching

That's it, you’ve made up your mind, you want to embark on your physical transformation journey! And what could, better than cardio workouts, help you get back in shape? Discover our various cardio videos without sports equipment by Featness, our cardio videos for beginners wishing to return to sport and get coached, and our HIIT cardio workouts for the more adventurous ones. All you have to do is settle in, get started, sweat it out and… Let's go!

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Our home cardio workout videos

Practising a physical activity should never feel like a constraint. But let's be realistic, everyone has their obligations, an overloaded schedule torn between professional and personal, not to mention the daily dose of unexpectedness. Thanks to Featness, your online personal trainer, you can now practice sports at home without having to organize your session in the gym or weights room days in advance. Featness, our mobile sports coaching application, gives you free access to many free home cardio workout videos to lose weight. Just a few clicks and off you go for your cardio training session!

Our beginner cardio workout videos

Are you returning to sport after a long period of inactivity or after a leg injury? Our beginner cardio workout videos will then meet your sports coaching needs. 30 minutes HIIT cardio for beginners, 30 minutes EMOM HIIT cardio with variations for beginners... we have a long list of videos to work on your cardio and get started with high intensity training. What are you waiting for to download the Featness app and discover our many beginner cardio workout videos?

Our cardio workout videos without equipment

No need to be equipped with dumbbells, rubber bands or machines like a rowing machine to effectively work on your cardio. Our various bodyweight cardio workout videos without equipment will make you sweat and burn your calories. Have no doubt about it, your PT will find the solution to make you work out without sports equipment and push you to your last limits!

Our HIIT cardio workout videos

Today, let's go for a HIIT cardio workout! Start Featness, your sports coach on mobile phone, and discover our various high-intensity interval training cardio videos. These are dynamic videos where your digital coach will train in front of you, with catchy music in the background. Just one click and off you go for 20 intensive minutes of sweating.