Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


The leg press is a classic and essential exercise during a leg day for example and for all your bodybuilding sessions. You will fully strengthen your calves.

Instructions for calf leg press

  • 1. Set the load you want to use on the bar.
  • 2. Sit on the seat, place your feet on the board with the heels in the void. Keep your legs bent for the starting position. Then place your back against the seat and grab the handles.
  • 3. Then stretch your legs, push into your toes and into the soles of your feet to mount the tray, then unlock the safety.
  • 4. Slowly release the tension in your toes to lower the tray.
  • 5. While exhaling, push your toes up again.
  • 6. Then return to the initial position while inhaling.
  • 7. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Several techniques, tips and advice for calf leg press 

  • 1. Be sure to voluntarily contract the calves when climbing.
  • 2. Hold the handles well to help stabilize yourself.
  • 3. Use large amplitudes during exercise to increase its effectiveness.
  • 4. Mark break times on ascent and descent.

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