Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedHamstrings


The standing cable kick back isolates the glutes effectively, the movement is simple and accessible for all levels of practice.

The glutes are accompanied by the hamstrings that come to help the movement.

Here is an exercise that you can put in all your legs sessions. The weight associated with gravity gives you an extra effort.

To be more precise, here are the instructions for standing cable kick back

  • 1. Choose your difficulty option and then return to the initial position by lowering your leg.
  • 2. Continue your set the desired number of times on that leg, then switch sides.

To go further, we give you our tips, advice and techniques for the standing cable kick back

  • 1. Do not bend your back.
  • 2. Think of a controlled backward "kick" to help you move.
  • 3. Add a beat (a bounce) at the time of the full amplitude as a difficult option. Or wait several seconds in maximum contraction (2 to 3 seconds).
  • 4. You can keep a slight flexion on the knee.

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