MotionBilateral Push

Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles used


Here, we just use a bar placed between two TRX (straps) to use support.

Triceps, shoulders, with the balancing push up, work in a secondary way your body. It will strongly favor your abdominals that will be contracted to maintain a straight posture.

The instructions for carrying out the balancing push up for begginer

  • 1. Put yourself in tension board position on the bar. The hands are positioned slightly wider than the height of the shoulders.
  • 2. Be on tiptoe. Align the ankles, pelvis and shoulders on the same axis. Imagine an extended board.
  • 3. Take a deep breath and while keeping your elbows relatively close to the body, move your body down. Bring the center of your chest to the bar.
  • 4. While exhaling, return to the initial position by pushing into the palms of your hands and holding out your elbows.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Techniques, tips and advice for balancing push up for beginner

  • 1. Gauge the spread of the hands according to your possibilities. The further apart they are, the more they will work outside the pecs and the anterior deltoids.
  • 2. Keep your eyes down and do not lift your head.
  • 3. Perform full amplitude motion to get better beam work.
  • 4. Contract your glutes and aspire your navel to help you stay sparred.
  • 5. Tight your shoulder blades at the descent and do not accentuate the arch of the back.
  • 6. Vary the speed of movement according to the sessions for muscle fibers.
  • 7. Finish on the knees rather than abandon the series.

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