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Split squat


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesAbs, adductors, calves, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, traps, upper back


Activated muscles

The lunges is a great exercise to work the lower legs in motion.

Thanks to its multiple benefits, you will get results on your balance, your lower limbs muscle strength and on a general fitness feeling.

Used in the gym during group classes, you can (or should) practice them during your bodybuilding sessions. Their reputation is well established.

This compound exercise fully reinforces your quadriceps: right femoral, vast intermediate, vast lateral and vast medial and secondary your abdominals, adductors, calves, ischios, glutes and the upper back. Also, shoulders and trapezes thanks to the bar.

The lunges to the weight of the body allows to learn well the exercise to then come to add a bar or dumbbells. We advise you first to train without equipment, to learn the movement and to master it before proceeding to the next stage (with charges).

This is the instructions for the Split squat

  • 1. Set the load on the machine.
  • 2. Bend your knees and keep a flat back to take the bar, then place it on the top of your back, precisely on the fleshy part of the shoulders.
  • 3. Your legs are hip-width or shoulder-width for your comfort and knees slightly bent.
  • 4. Take a big step in front of you and bend both knees at 90 °. The front knee and the rear knee move simultaneously.
  • 5. Once down, push in your thighs to establish a new step forward with the other leg.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement one leg after the other.

The Split squat : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. We advise you to warm up with slits to body weight and to master the movement before using equipment.
  • 2. Perform slow movements and use break times at the bottom of the exercise.
  • 3. When you make a step forward, the knee is in the axis of the ankle.
  • 4. You can slightly spread your front knee outward for comfort and stability.
  • 5. If you control the movement properly, you can descend until the back knee touches the ground.
  • 6. Keep your back straight and do not lean forward.
  • 7. Schematically the exercise works like this: one step forward right leg, flex both knees at 90 °, one step forward left leg, flex both knees at 90 °. This is the lunge principle.

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