Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedGlutes, Hamstrings


Adductors are essential for your mobility, stability and strength of your legs. Although they are not part of it, It plays a secondary role in some quadriceps exercises.

Whether for men or women, it is widely used for the aesthetics it provides on the inside of the thighs.

This isolation exercise reinforces adductors, it is very common and often used for lower body sessions.

The use of the machine ensures the correct movement and protects against injury if you respect your flexibility in the hip (leg gap) and your muscle capacity (weight).

Instructions for adductor machine

  • 1. Asseyez-vous le bassin au fond du siège et le dos droit. Placez ensuite les genoux contre les coussins prévus.
  • 2. Poussez vers l'intérieur pour rapprocher vos jambes l'une de l'autre.
  • 3. Relâchez lentement la tension musculaire pour écarter vos jambes et revenir en position de départ.
  • 4. Continuez votre série en répétant le mouvement.

Adductor machine : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Do not bend your back.
  • 2. Keep your feet flat.
  • 3. Perform slow movements and use pauses to contraction.
  • 4. Be stable and without moving at the pelvis during exercise.
  • 5. Bring closer the cushions as close as possible without touching each other.

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