Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedForearms


The change of grip will allow you to vary the worked part of the biceps. Pronation will occur on the anterior brachialis and supination on the biceps brachialis and the brachialis.

Here are the instructions for the pronated dumbbell curl

  • 1. Take dumbbells
  • 2. First take the dumbbells in pronation (palm of the hands down) and put in position : standing, back straight, arms almost stretched and the bar in front of you. The feet are at the height of the pelvis or shoulders according to your feelings.
  • 3. Then raise the dumbbells to the top of the chest.
  • 4. Return to the initial position without stretching out your arms. Perform this movement the desired number of repetitions (8 to 10).

More tips, advice and techniques on pronated dumbbell curl

  • 1. Do not pull with your back, keep motionless throughout the series.
  • 2. It is better to charge lighter to perform well rather than pulling on your back. Adapt your charges.
  • 3. Only the forearms move, do not use the shoulders.
  • 4. The elbows are fixed throughout the movement and close to the body.
  • 5. Keep some bending in the elbow when you lower the dumbbell, do not stretch your arms to the maximum.
  • 6. Look in front of you and do not lean your head down.
  • 7. Control the movement as much as possible.

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