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Seated rear delt with cable


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Used musclesAbs, traps, upper back


The shoulders are very important in the field of bodybuilding. Most injuries are at the shoulder level.

This isolation exercise will test your deltoids, especially the posterior deltoid. This movement also engages the abdominals, upper back and traps.

Here are the instructions for the seated rear delt with cable

  • 1. Arrange two handles, each to be attached (on each side) to a pulley machine (see video) at shoulder height.
  • 2. Also plan a flat or inclined bench to sit down. If you want to put more difficulty prefer the flat bench not to lean on you.
  • 3. Grip the handles in reverse and overhand grip (palms of hands down) and on the same horizontal axis as your shoulders.
  • 4. While inhaling, pull the handles outward, extending the arms in the axis of your shoulders.
  • 5. While exhaling, hold the handles to return to their original position.

Improve yourself on the seated rear delt with cable thanks to our tips, advice and techniques

  • 1. The breathing is reversed : inhale during the draw and exhale during the return phase.
  • 2. Focus on the back of your shoulders without tightening your shoulder blades during the concentric phase (pulling).
  • 3. Respect the alignment wrist, elbow, shoulder in the same axis.
  • 4. Do not pull your arm behind the shoulder, stop once your wrist is aligned with the shoulder.
  • 5. Do not lean the bust forward.

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