Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedGlutes, hamstrings


Most members around the world come to the gym, do their trainings and leave.

In the long term, it is not productive or efficient to reach your muscle potential. In addition, you may also injure yourself more frequently.

This is why doing mobility and / or stability sessions will allow you to concretely prepare your body for the effort, maximize the gains and develop your muscles in an optimal way.

Here is a mobility session on one leg.

Here we focus our work on the hip extension because our leg goes backwards.

Material and starting position : a very light bar  + standing position

Purpose : to get more mobility on the pelvis, strengthen the stabilizing muscles, prepare the body for effort, optimize muscle potential before the session.

Here is the good way to execute the movement

  1. In a standing position, you have the bar, in front of you on your legs, in a pronation grip and with a spacing slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Lower the bar towards the ground while doing a pelvis extension : that is mean tilt the pelvis forward and raise one leg back while resting on the other (see video).
  3. Go back in the same way to return to the starting position.

Here are our tips and advice for mobility on one leg

  1. the shoulders are low, the legs are almost stretched, you can also keep a slight bending in your kness if the needs arises.
  2. The load of the must not be too heavy. It must allow the good movement of the pelvis which leans forwards. We are on a mobility exercise and not a musculation exercise.
  3. Perform the movement slowly and if it is possible without completely resting your foot on the ground during the return phase (see video).

Do not increase the load as your muscles progresses. This exercise will always target mobility.

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