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Stretch Quads


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesQuads


Activated muscles

Here is a stretch not to be overlooked: the quadriceps.

Very important for the recovery and optimization of potential muscle gains. Also beneficial for general posture, mobility and flexibility of hip flexors.

Make sure you study well before doing this warm up, it may be disadvised if you have too much stiffness in the lumbar (lower back) and psoas.

Obviously stretches are not to be done after a session, plan to rest at least several hours (4 to 5) after a training or to do the cold morning without trying to go too far in the amplitude.

Material and position

Favor a carpet to do this stretch. We do not recommend wearing shoes, the buttress can become painful on the sole and create discomfort during the execution.

The position will be lying on the back, so anyone with back problems should be accompanied and gauge / measure the descent of the back to the ground.

Stretch Quads : maintain the position between 20 and 40 seconds maximum depending on your level

  • 1. Put yourself on your knees, with the soles of your feet on the ground. The knees are glued and flexed.
  • 2. Very slightly and gradually, move your back down, towards the ground.
  • 3. Once the muscle connection is felt when stretching into the quadriceps, hold this position.
  • 4. Once the chosen time has elapsed, return to your rhythm in the starting position.

Here are the tips for improvement to go further on quadriceps stretching.

  • 1. Place your hands on the ground towards the feet to help you go down your back in landing, level. Successively, help you with hands and elbows to lie down totally if you can.
  • 2. Do not necessarily try to lie down completely, stop when you feel a real muscle connection in your thighs (this is the effect of stretching).
  • 3. Do not dig your back, let the natural curvature be done when you go down.
  • 4. When you go back up, take your time if necessary, do not go up at once. Listen to your feelings.

This stretching is difficult for some people, we advise to do it gradually from 2 to 3 series maximum. If you wish to focus more on the quadriceps, choose other methods and movement.

For further stretching, click on our specific section.

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