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Ankle mobility


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesTibial antérieur


Activated muscles

Boost your workout: techniques and exercises for better ankle mobility

Ankle mobility is essential in bodybuilding, it allows you to be more efficient, to increase your amplitude on certain movements like the squat and all its variants. Bodybuilding and ankle mobility will also be beneficial for many other sports (running, athletics, martial arts, team sports ...), and this will prevent eventual injuries.

You have to be patient and regular on stretching to get results on ankle mobility.

Material and position

A rubber band and a support will suffice for you to carry out the exercise. Provide enough resistance to be efficient on stretching

The position is kneeling with one foot forward, the one where the ankle works.

Ankle mobility : 10 to 30 seconds

To get the right position, stand straight then advance one leg forward, then put the opposite knee on the ground.

Hang the rubber band in advance and put it on the ankle you want to work.

  • 1. Put yourself in the position of the knight (one knee on the ground and the other foot forward).
  • 2. Then move your knee that is not on the ground as far as possible by keeping your foot flat on the ground. Keep this position.

With theses instructions, you can improve your ankle mobility.

  • 1. The knee must extend beyond the vertical axis of the ankle to get a greater amplitude on the dorsal flexion.
  • 2. Do not hesitate to press both hands on your knee to lean further forward.
  • 3. If you are a beginner, do not give jerks to hope to increase the amplitude, stay static and as far as possible according to your flexibility.
  • 4. Do not hesitate to put a strong resistance in the elastic as you progress.
  • 5. You can press in your foot to help you move forward. Keep your heel on the ground. Never take it off.
  • 6. If it is possible, help yourself with  your pool to get further.

Remember to time yourself when stretching and to respect the same time on each ankle. If you feel a real difference in mobility between your ankles, you can increase the time from 10 to 15% on the weakest one. No need to make too much difference because it will work in the long term.

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