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Hip flexor muscle


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesIliopsoas, right antérior, sartorius, tensor fascia lata


Activated muscles

Targeted workout: strengthen and tone your hip flexor muscle

This warm-up is useful before a leg session where exercises such as squat, hack squat and hip thrust are included.

Hip flexors are important for your posture, regular sitting and maintained for long hours. They prevent the pelvic tilt forward or backward and allow the lower body activation.

Here you will develop, the iliopsoas, the right anterior (one of the muscles of the quads) and the sartorius. They are all involved flexing your thigh towards the pelvis.

Material and position: 

Use a rubber band in tension on a support.

Bring the leg, which does not work and which will serve as support, as much as possible of your buttock.

Hip flexion: 4 series of 10 repetitions

  • 1. After lying down, hang the elastic on the hollow of the ankle.
  • 2. Slowly, bring your leg as close to your pelvis as possible, bend your knee for a smooth movement.
  • 3. Do the reverse movement and return your leg to the ground, almost tense to maintain muscle tension in the hip flexors.

Repeat this movement 10 times.

Hip flexion: Change your leg => 4 x 10

Improvement instructions:

  • 1. Keep both shoulders anchored to the floor so you do not strain with your spine.
  • 2. Execute the movement accurately, do not go too fast. Especially at the beginning of the warm-up.
  • 3. The head remains firmly on the ground, with the look in the direction of the ceiling not to pull on the cervical.
  • 4. Vary the performance rhythms of the exercise. Once warmed up, you can increase your speed to more strongly activate the muscles, prepare the tendons for effort and facilitate the joints mobility of the knee and the hip.

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