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10 MIN Non Stop Booty Pump| No Equipment By Sarah


Duration10 min

Activated muscles

In just 10 minutes, Sarah guides you through a non-stop glute workout, with no equipment required

The charges are not indicated in order to let you the choice to adapt them according to the number of repetitions requested. (ex: if 10 repetitions are required, choose a weight that allows you to perform them)

Intense 10 minute glutes session by chaining 20 exercises without any break. It aims to work glutes as much as possible in the shortest time for people who have little time.

Leave at least 24 hours of rest between to sessions.

30 seconds stopwatch per exercise and go directly to the next without pause :

  1. KickBacks Right
  2. KickBacks Left
  3. Lateral KickBacks Right
  4. Lateral KickBacks Left
  5. Dirty Dog Right
  6. Dirty Dog Left
  7. Abductions Right
  8. Abductions Left
  9. Vertical Abductions Right
  10. Vertical Abductions Left
  11. Alternate Frog Kicks
  12. Bridge
  13. One Leg Bridge
  14. Double Sumo Squats
  15. Squats + Abductions
  16. Split Squats Right
  17. Split Squats Left
  18. Reverse Lunges
  19. Reverse Lunges + Kicks Right
  20. Reverse Lunges + Kicks Left

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