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STRENGHT & PLYO Glute Hamstrings w Abs


Duration45 min

Activated muscles

Combine strength and plyometrics in this workout for the glutes, hamstrings and abs. Ready for the challenge?

The charges are not indicated in order to let you the choice to adapt them according to the number of repetitions requested. (ex: if 10 repetitions are required, choose a weight that allows you to perform them)

Session which aims to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings by working in a dynamic rhythm with compound exercises.

In the last part, we will do an abs circuit with a sequence of 3 exercises.

The plyometric will be coupled with the thigh press to increase your explosive strength.

You will also work on your mobility and your cardio.

This program can be done at least every 72 hours to be able to recover correclty.

Do not forget the 5 minutes of joint warm-up which will be very important to realize before this session:

Warm up activation

1- Standing cable kick back: 15-25 reps

  • Repeat 2 times: continue side by side

2- Stiff legged barbell dead lift: 10-15 reps

  • 3 to 4 times: gradually increase the weight. 1'30'' between each set.

3-1 One leg press: 12-20 reps

3-2 Jumping lunges: 10 reps

  • 3 to 4 times: gradually increase the weight. 1' between each set.

4-1 Hip thrust with 2 impulses: 10-15 reps

4-2 Jump box: 10 reps

  • 3 to 4 times: gradually increase the weight. 1' to 1'15'' between each set.

5- Jump squat: 50 reps

  • Unique set: take 20'' rest in the middle of set if needed.

6-1 Dragon flag: 20 reps

6-2 Dynamic plank: 15 reps

6-3 Double crunch: 15 reps

  • Repeat 3 à 4 times: Do the 3 exercices without break & take 30'' between each circuit.

* All sets are working sets, always make as many warm-up sets as needed.

Possible variations of current movements

I want you wherever you are to be able to benefit from the exercises used during your workout, so feel free to use this substitution list if needed.

Most of the exercises mentioned below are available in the exercise library.

  • Standing cable kick back: Double squat
  • Hip thrust: Kick back
  • Stiff legged barbell dead lift: Stiff legged dumbbell deadlift
  • Leg press: Box squat

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