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Duration15 min

Activated muscles

Burn fat and boost your metabolism with this HIIT workout

Great 15 minutes fat burning HIIT workout to get the heart rate up, burn calories quickly, increase your metabolism and challenge yourself!

The 5 exercises are performed for 30 seconds with 30-seconds rest before going onto the next exercise.

This 5 minute set is repeated 3 times, totaling 15 minutes.

Warmup 20 seconds per exercise at low intensity:

  1. High knees
  2. Jumping Jack
  3. Butt kicker


  1. Star jump
  2. Travelling push ups (variation: Travelling pushups on the knees)
  3. Travelling squat jumps (variation: Squat on the spot)
  4. Jumping lunges (variation: Lunges on the spot)
  5. Power lunges sprinter

Be sure to adjust your "active" intervals to your level.

Make sure to adjust your "active" intervals to your level. If you are a beginner, maybe you need to go slower than the video shows, and if you're a pro then try going faster than me!

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