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Duration30 min

Activated muscles

Looking to build your pecs and shoulders? This upper body circuit training is for you! Get ready to sweat!

In this chest & shoulders training, you will do 3 circuits, repeating each of them 2 times in a row and you will have a minute of rest before moving on to the next circuit!

Each exercise should be performed for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of recovery therefore and each circuit will include 5 exercises!

In terms of equipment, you will need two pairs of dumbbells, one of which weighs 20kg for me for the heaviest and then the second which will weigh 10kg. 
It's up to you to adapt your dumbbells according to your ability to hold throughout the timer.
You will also need a support to be able to call yourself to perform the shoulder presses and your mat of course for the exercises that are performed on the floor.

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