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Duration40 min

Activated muscles

Lower body workout: a sensational superset workout for the posterior chain awaits you

This posterior chain workout will mainly target your glutes, your back, your hamstrings and of course your core therefore your deep abs!

As with the anterior chain (front of the body), the posterior has a huge room for muscle building thanks to the back, glutes and hamstrings. This in turn can help with so many parts of daily movement, better posture, reduced back pain, and the ability to lift more weight.

We are going to work a lot of unilateral exercises, so one side and then directly in the opposite side. However, you will be essentially resting on one side at all times!

Most of the time you will also have supersets.

During the Renegade Rows, remember that you don't just have to lift your back muscles ... everything else is strengthened, including your quads, glutes and core!

We will work on the lower back muscles with the dead lift and the row which will complete the work of the dead lift!

For the stiff leg deadlift, the dumbbells should run along the legs so the closest to you (show example in the introduction).

For deadlifts and rowing, arch the back and contract the abs well throughout the series

Keep control over every repetition!

For indication, the dumbbells I will be using are:
a pair of 30kg for the deadlifts
a pair of 18kg for all other exercises
You will also need a support, a mat but also a step for the calves.

The timer will be on for 30 seconds per set except for the first 3 exercises it will be 45 '' under power.
However, all break will be 30 seconds.

Let's go !

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