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43 CIRCUIT TRAINING Upper Body & Abs


Duration40 min

In this workout you will juggle bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.
It will be divided into 5 groups
- the back
- Chest
- shoulders
- arms
- the abs

Each circuit is composed of 3 different exercises except the arms where we will have 4 exercises. You will work either with dumbbells or with your body weight.
You'll do 30 seconds of consecutive exercises all in a row, then 30 seconds of rest between each circuit.
Each of them should be repeated 3 times.

For abs we will do all the exercises for 30 '' with a 10 '' break between each exercise.

You need a mat, dumbbells and a box (or something similar) for this.

The pairs of dumbbells I work with weigh:
- 20kg for the rowing and presses
- 14kg for the bird, flies, upright row and arms
- 8kg for side lateral elevations

Note: If you'd rather not do a decline push-up, just do regular push-ups or knee push-ups!

Seated shoulder presses can be done while standing but I like that extra back support when I have support and when doing heavier sets with fewer reps!

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