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SUPREME BISETS Hamstrings & Abs


Duration40 min

Activated muscles

Bisets lower body workout for toned hamstrings and abs

We are going to combine bodyweight and dumbbells to work the hamstrings and abs! The goal of each exercise is to do it on one side and then switch to the other side. 

The training that you are going to do on each side will help you build symmetry and strength but as long as you do the exact same thing on both sides! Be vigilant for each movement with speed and control on both sides to maintain symmetry.

Very important note: I strongly advise you to always start first with your weak side because if at the base it is disadvantaged and you start with your strong side, it will necessarily be even more disadvantaged.

You will have to combine 2 sets of ischio exercises for 1 set of core exercises, once the 2 exercises are completed, maintain an active recovery plank position for 30 seconds! This will keep you in a moderate recovery position.

We will work on 30 seconds of exercise on one leg as well as 30 seconds on the other leg and 30 seconds while doing core training. For the abs, it will be 30 seconds of work for 10 seconds of recovery between each exercise.

You will have to end this intense session with a finisher of one minute of plank and believe me it will sting!

You have to repeat each biset twice!

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