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Tonic Chest, Fitness Fest


Duration40 min

Activated muscles

Sculpt a firm chest and boost your confidence with this upper body workout, including abs, of course.

In this video, we're going to show you the best chest workout for women. 
This workout will help you tone your chest and give you a ton of endurance. 
If you're looking to tone your chest and increase your endurance, then this chest workout is for you!

This workout is performed at the gym, so you can be sure of a great workout.
And if you're a woman looking to change your physique, this workout is perfect for you!

Warm up:

 Cable fly
15 to 20 reps
2-3 sets
30’’ rest

First superset:

 Incline dumbbell press
12-20 reps
Untill failure
1’ between superset
3 to 4 sets

Second superset:

 Incline pushup
12-15 reps
Incline cable fly
15-20 reps
1’ between superset
3 to 4 sets

Pull over
15-20 reps
3 sets
45’’ rest

Abs circuit:

 Lateral kick
Russian twist
Leg raises
3 to 4 circuits
15-20 reps per exercise
No rest

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