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Tonic Pull, Magic Muscles (w calves & abs)


Duration45 min

Activated muscles

Transform your muscles with this ultimate pull workout including calves and abs

I have to say, one of my all-time favorite workout routines involves targeting the back, rear delts, and biceps, with a side of core work thrown in for good measure! This is called a pull workout.

This is a slow-paced, deliberate workout that places heavy emphasis on lengthening and contracting your back and biceps muscles. We're talking about working on that repetition sweet spot that's ideal for hypertrophy and muscle development.

As you progress through this workout, you'll feel the burn and pump as your muscles respond to the deliberate pace and focused movements. And let me tell you, by the end, I was having a hard time making even one loop! This is a testament to the intensity and effectiveness of this workout, leaving you with that satisfying feeling of pushing your limits and achieving a solid muscle-building session.

Unilateral dumbbell row
15 reps
3 sets
1’ rest between both side

Lower back machine
15 reps
Renegade row
10 reps each side
3 sets
1’ rest between superset

Horizontal pull with cable
15 reps
3 sets
1’ rest


Standing biceps curl
15 reps
Pronated biceps w cable rope
15 reps
3 sets
1’ between superset

Seated rear delts w dumbbells 
15 à 20 reps
3 sets

Standing calves w dumbbell
15 to 20 reps
3 sets
No rest between sets

Abs circuit

Crunch with cable
Mountain climber
Dynamique mountain climber
Leg raises
Repeat the circuit 3 times
15 to 20 reps each exercise 

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