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Titanic Shoulders


Duration45 min

Activated muscles

Forge shoulders fit for a titan with this gym workout

Welcome to a complete shoulder workout to do in the gym! Developing your shoulders is essential to creating a well-defined upper body, and it should definitely be an integral part of your workout routine.
Personally, I like to incorporate at least one shoulder-specific workout each week. However, it is important to note that the shoulders are also used in other types of workouts, such as full body sessions, chest, back and arm exercises.
In this program we focus on targeted shoulder training, working all three heads of the deltoid (front, middle and rear) to achieve well-developed and balanced shoulders. Get ready to feel the burn during this shoulder workout that will help you strengthen and sculpt this part of your body.

Dumbbell shoulder press
10-12 reps
4 sets
1’30’’ rest between each set

Side lateral raises
Increase and drop the weight
4 sets
1 drop set => 15 reps + 12 reps + 10 reps
1’15’’ rest between each set


 Rear delts with barbbell
15 reps
Rear delt elevation with dumbbell
15 reps
4 sets
2’ rest between biset

Lying front delt with cable
15 reps
3 sets
30’’ rest between superset

Shrug traps
20 reps
4 sets
1’ rest between superset

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