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Opened rowing bar


Type of exerciseNon renseigné

Activated musclesTraps, upper back


Activated muscles

The opened rowing bar will allow you to put more muscle contraction on the back of shoulder and will strongly engage your deltoids (especially the previous one).

Here is a variant to integrate in all sessions of the upper body, back or shoulders.

Follow these instructions for performing the opened rowing bar

Remember to watch the video to properly position yourself for the back shoulder shot.

  • 1. Plan a bar and set a load.
  • 2. Tilt your bust 100°
  • 3. With the bar at the bottom, raise the bar by raising your elbows upwards, aligned with your wrist, and in the axis of the shoulder, form a square.
  • 4. Slowly lower the bar and continue your series by repeating the movement.

Check out our tips, advice and techniques to improve on the opened rowing bar

  • 1. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if the load is heavy or if you are a beginner.
  • 2. When you pull, the elbows bend to form a right angle between the wrist and the shoulder. Your elbows are in the vertical axis of the wrist and in the axis of the shoulder, or slightly backward depending on your level and your feeling.
  • 3. Do not pull with your back.
  • 4. For your comfort you can contract your lumbar without moving the pelvis.
  • 5. Do not break the wrists during the draw.
  • 6. Control the movement of the bar intentionally throughout the exercise. Do not get carried away by the weight.
  • 7. Do not raise your elbows too high, the maximum is about shoulder height.

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