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Personalized training program

Zoom in on the various training goals and personalized programs (weight loss, muscle building) ... Are you ready? Let's go!

That's it, you've finally motivated yourself to resume physical activity after months of letting go, or to deepen your sports training with Featness, but you don't know where to start. Our personalized 6 week program is then the perfect solution for you! Depending on your goals, take advantage of a personalized program to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Training with a digital sports coach at home or outdoors who will then ensure you exercises adapted to your level, your background, your physical capacities and according to how you want to exercise. Losing weight, gaining muscle mass, strengthening a particular muscle group or getting back in shape are not all physical goals that require the same type of sports training. Focus on the different types of personalized programs. All you have to do is spend ... the ball is in your court!

Personalized program and weight loss: find the line with Featness!

Our western lifestyle favors a diet rich in calories with ultra-processed industrial products and as a bonus a tendency to remain sedentary and not to practice sports regularly. Do not fall into this trap and find your flat stomach by enjoying personalized follow-up with your personal Featness coach.

Tip # 1: Look at the origins of your weight gain

Quitting smoking, stress, poor diet or no physical activity, before embarking on an objective weight loss sports program, you need to look at the origin of your extra pounds. Why ? To ensure optimal results from your sports program.

Tip # 2: pair your personalized program with your eating plan

With the Featness app, you have the ability to follow your personalized program tailored to your needs and manage your diet so that all your efforts are not ruined by a little slacking off thanks to our diet plan. Featness is not in favor of a drastic diet, but rather of a balanced diet. Continue to please yourself by eating while being careful!

Tip #3: different types of sports programs adapted to your physical condition

We recommend that you follow our cardio exercises to work on your endurance and lose calories quickly, whether indoors or outdoors. The must-to-do: bodyweight exercises, which do not require any sports equipment (except a sports mat and good shoes of course). Thus, you will be able to work your abdominal belt and find a toned silhouette. One last piece of advice to lose weight: with your personal digital sports coach, follow a high intensity interval training (HIIT). This method consists of repeating efforts at pre-programmed intensities, interspersed with very short recovery phases. An intensive sport program that you will not regret!

Personalized training program and weight gain: gaining mass when you are lean is not a problem with Featness

In France, more than 6,000,000 people are naturally thin. Gaining weight when you are too thin is often more complicated than losing it when you are overweight. How to do ? A personalized program to optimize mass gain combined with a nutritional program that encourages you to eat regularly seems to be a timely avenue for all people who are underweight. Nutrition and sport, two essential components for gaining weight and muscle mass.

Tip 1: a high calorie diet, the basis for gaining weight

Are you underweight and want to gain muscle mass? Follow with our diet program a diet rich in carbohydrates (slow sugars) and proteins (red meats, legumes, cereals…). Take it step by step, serve yourself on larger plates each day adding 20g of food the first week, then when you get used to consuming larger amounts, add another 20 grams, etc.

Tip # 2: Bodybuilding, fitness and cross training program, you are no longer a secret to gain muscle

On the sport side, sports sessions such as fitness, bodybuilding or cross-training are particularly suitable for gaining weight, muscle mass and taking shape. Fitness to gently get you back into shape and train your muscles, graduated weight training exercises for your muscle development, and finally cross-training to combine muscle strengthening and cardio training.

Personalized program and fitness: get back to sport step by step

Personalized program and fitnessIt has been several months or even years since you last played sports and you want to get back in the saddle. Or you are recovering from an injury following a sports competition. A tailor-made fitness program is then necessary to slowly resume a sporting activity.

Tip n°1: do not skip the steps otherwise you risk injuring yourself!

Your Featness sports coach gently accompanies you in your return to sports. Personalized follow-up is therefore essential because Featness adapts to your abilities to progress at your own pace. There is no point in running, you have to start on time ...

Tip n°2: the gentle gym to regain flexibility and mobility

Soft gym, what is it? It is a sport where you listen to the needs of your body. It's about not stressing your joints. During fitness sessions during which you strengthen your stomach and back muscles, you perform slow and precise movements, coupled with deep belly breathing. These are, for example, pilates, yoga or stretching sessions. After having regained your physical capacities, you can then opt for more intensive sports activities.

Tip n°3: don't neglect recovery between each muscle group

To avoid muscle and joint damage, there is no point in chaining sessions to get back in shape. On the contrary, take your time but above all do not skimp on recovery phases of at least 48 hours between each muscle group.

Personalized program and muscle strengthening: works a specific muscle group

Muscle building consists of working on specific muscles to improve its efficiency. If you play sports at a professional level, or play sports very regularly, muscle building will help you improve your cardiovascular performance and gain muscle mass. Squats, burpees, face sheathing, lunges or crunch, the exercises are numerous.

With Featness, target a muscle that you want to work as a priority thanks to our exercises dedicated to each muscle in the body. You have the possibility to search directly in the Featness application for the muscle to be worked. Who would have thought it would be so easy?

To conclude, Featness adapts to your needs, to your metabolism and offers you a hyper personalized program like real digital sports coaching. What are you waiting for to download this app from Google Play and the App Store?