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Exercises not to do for women

Everyone's dream is to have well-designed and muscular abs. Often synonymous with good form, it appeals to many and it is understandable!

Every summer women want to be able to put on their most beautiful bikini, their most beautiful set for the beach. This is why they all get ready in the gyms to make the famous A.B.T (Abs, Butt and Thighs): the favorite group lesson for women.
Very effective, however, for building these different muscles, it is not always the best method for having your abs drawn and visible.

We advise you to consult our page on dietary plans to help you on the diet. Know that this part is the most important for your abs, because they will be visible when the body has eliminated the layers of fat above your famous "chocolate bar". For the most skeptical, it is important to remember that we all have the same abs, they are however more or less visible depending on physical activity, physiological factors specific to each and diet. You should also know that the psychological factor plays its role, you must obviously believe that it is possible to have visible abdominals regardless of your weight, shape, current physical, if you do not want to see your efforts sabotaged. Be patient.

Here's how to have a dream body

Yes, we are talking about abs and what not to do for you ladies. 
You have to work smart and learn about the exercises you do, thinking a little about the anatomy of the human body. We will come back later to the methods to adapt and the exercises for your abs.

It is best, especially in weight training, to adapt in terms of your anatomy and to our workouts and to know the right exercises in line with our objectives.

But then what are the bad exercises for women? 

In the gym, we see all kinds of performed exercises. Crunches, obliques, sheathing, lifting of legs on the ground.

Without making you wait, these are obliques. The abdominal muscles lying on the sides. They are located like all, under the fatty part (the layer of fat that your body will form in case of sugar excess for example). If you strengthen your obliques or your abs as a rule, you will make your muscle grow and push the layer of fat over it. What will make a visual less aesthetic, your belly will be "bigger" and will appear swollen. Especially in women where obliques are located on the areas where women store fat mainly. Which amplifies the phenomenon.

Should we then forget the isolation exercises on the abdominals?

Pas forcément, vous pouvez toujours continuer le renforcement sur vos abdominaux, simplement, privilégiez les exercices au poids de corps sans ajouter de charges et évitez de faire des « crunch-twist » (crunch croisé). Privilégiez plutôt du gainage latéral.

So what are the recommendations for working your abs ?

Not necessarily, you can always continue strengthening on your abs, simply, prefer bodyweight exercises without adding loads and avoid doing "crunch-twist" (cross crunch). Instead, prefer lateral cladding.

So what are the recommendations for working your abs?

  • The deadlift

But also : 

  • The squat
  • The sheathing on the ventral side
  • Swiss ball in balance
  • The lunges

These exercises will allow you to strengthen the deep muscles, and the stabilizing muscles of your bust. To have dense and muscular abs.

So there is no need to do whole sets of abs and put loads on your exercises to strengthen you. Especially at the obliques which will give you mainly swelling of the area.

What conclusion to draw ?

Your abs work in all respects if you think about your sheathing during your strength training exercises. There is no need to indulge in heavy and restrictive series. Forget the extra loads on your obliques if you don't want to take an extra waistline. So avoid all cross or isolation exercises on the obliques. Choose bodyweight sheathing, good diet and solid posture during your sessions.