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What is fitness

Definition, new trends for 2021 and the emergence of the personal trainer at home

Today there are just over 60,000 fitness clubs in Europe. The number of practitioners of this form of sport is also constantly increasing. The main reason for this enthusiasm is linked to the benefit of this sport for the human body which brings well-being and toning. Focus on fitness and its new trends in 2021.

Fitness, what is it?

Fitness is a sports activity born in the United States in the early 1970s. Its practice aims to give the body a pleasant silhouette. In this context, it combines the practice of gymnastics, but also cardio-training techniques.

This combination of sport and health is the key to fitness success. The goal of fitness is not only to refine your body, but also to improve your overall lifestyle. The practice of fitness also allows you to improve your physical condition by a complete fitness through physical exercises, training and stretching combined with a rigorous warm-up.

Fitness, what are its advantages?

Fitness has evolved a lot since its inception. It offers many advantages to its practitioners. And it is this aspect that gives it growth of over 18% in 2017. And to verify it, no need to sing to you the timeless doggie of Véronique & Davina.

So, why practice fitness? Fitness comes in several types. Like yoga, therefore, depending on your goals, you can choose the type that suits you best. You therefore have this non-exhaustive choice between: Bodyweight exercises, Crossfit, Immersive fitness, Silent Zumba, etc ...

Different types of fitness exercices

Bodyweight exercises

Jump squats to build your legs and improve your cardio, push-ups and planks for your deep muscles and abs, lunges to work several muscle groups, pull-ups to strengthen your back. The list goes on, as bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment are increasingly common. Enjoy our fitness exercises without equipment by subscribing to Featness to get back in shape and get back in shape.


This derivative of sport fitness is a springboard for acquiring good physical skills: muscle strengthening, work on the lower body or upper body depending on your sporting goals. Much appreciated by professional athletes, it combines cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, etc. exercises for this purpose.
To practice it, you can opt for personal training or participate in group lessons in a fitness club. In both cases, crossfit helps increase cardiovascular endurance as well as breath and build muscle mass while building strength and flexibility in the body.

Immersive fitness

This very recent form of fitness uses technology. The atmosphere here is far removed from a classic gym. Here, you are entitled to a screen to follow the different exercises to get back in shape. In short, immersive fitness rhymes with video games with a few exceptions. A sports immersion to achieve your sports goals.

The silent zumba

Silent zumba is not that quiet. In fact, participants use headphones through which music is shared. It’s like a rhythmic dance class combining cardio strength training and strength training. Silent zumba refines the body and allows you to work the buttocks.

Major fitness trends in 2021

fitness trendsThe pandemic has not stopped the practice of sport, on the contrary because it is out of the question to remain inactive and stop exercising, even if the gyms have been closed for months. This year 2021, new fitness trends are emerging and allow everyone to continue to practice their sports activities.

The explosion of home sports: from professional digital coaches to virtual fitness classes

The covid pandemic sounds the death knell in March 2020: closure of fitness rooms, weight rooms and other fitness centers. In this context, how to continue to practice sport? At home of course! You don't necessarily need to work out indoors to burn off all your calories, you can take advantage of the magic of digital technology to continue to take care of yourself at home! Improvise your own gym in your living room or dining room, let's go!

Two types of home training help you stay in shape at home:

Virtual platforms, like our sports coaching app Featness, let you view workout videos from professional coaches whenever you want and save them for later viewing. With our app, you can even benefit from personalized follow-up.

Virtual classes help you keep in touch with your usual personal trainer who usually trains with you in the gym. Personal or group lessons, don't panic, the lesson schedules are flexible.

Practice of outdoor sport: Featness, your best ally for a sport-health summer 2021

Long live outdoor sports activities this year! Thanks to the explosion of state-of-the-art connected objects taking care of your well-being and the emergence of digital sports trainers, it is becoming easier and easier to change your mind and exercise outdoors. Featness then appears as your best ally for outdoor sports.

No need for sports equipment or dumbbells, our various fitness exercises on offer, if you subscribe to Featness, allow you to let off steam this summer without equipment. Spend your calories in public parks, work your buttocks in your garden, bump your abs in the forest, refine your figure with pilates classes in the mountains ... free time! Play sports wherever you want with our app. What more are you waiting for?

Body fitness, why call on a private coach?

Today you no longer need to go to a fitness room, or a gym to exercise. As an individual, you can therefore benefit from the services of a private home sports coach.

If you want to follow a distance fitness program without a flesh-and-blood coach, Featness is probably the best application to offer you private fitness lessons as if you were going to a gym! What more could you ask for to sculpt your body at home?

Featness, your personal digital coach allows you to quickly move forward in achieving your sporting goals and to be more independent in the sport of fitness.

Fitness: beyond physical comfort, regained confidence

Fitness is a booming sport. With more than 19,000 dedicated clubs in Switzerland and more than 2 million members, it fulfills many expectations. So, it's not just physical comfort. Fitness also heals the mind, bringing comfort and well-being, whatever the form practiced.

Thus, it helps you to regain lost confidence, to have a high opinion of yourself, but also of your body. With fitness you overcome your physical complexes. This is why you have a multitude of categories to choose from.

Moreover, the above-mentioned categories could be completed with the TRX fitness, boxing fitness and the fitness disc which are just as important.

Download the Featness app in just a few clicks, your personal sports coach at home.

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