Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedBiceps


Very effective for the brachioradial, this exercise will work your forearms. And will put in position of weakness your biceps which are more strongly solicited on the supination grip.

Varying angles and workstations helps to draw muscles in a balanced way.

Follow these indications for the pronated barbell curl

  • 1. Load a bar for the biceps.
  • 2. Grasp the bar in pronation and shoulder width (palms of hands down) and put yourself in starting position: flat back and solid bust, knees slightly bent, shoulders feet, elbows close to the body and arms almost stretched along the body.
  • 3. Then mount your forearms to raise the bar to the height of the elbow.
  • 4. Keep the descent as much as possible to return to the initial position.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Follow these tips, advice and techniques to improve pronated barbell curl

  • 1. Your back is still straight and still, do not help your back for exercise.
  • 2. Keep your elbows close to your body as much as possible and do not put your shoulders or elbows backwards or forwards.
  • 3. Look well in front of you and do not lean forward.
  • 4. Have a slight flexion of the elbow if you want to stay in permanent muscle tension.

To vary, here is another exercise to develop the forearms

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