Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


Have fun varying your exercises with the oblique pulley, this is one of the only ones with a standing position.

This is the instructions for lateral crunch with cable

  • 1. Install a rope on a pulley machine higher than your height.
  • 2. Stand sideways and parallel to the machine. Then grab the rope in a way that your elbow is bent down and your hand is around your head.
  • 3. While exhaling, tilt the bust to the side to bring your shoulder towards your hip.
  • 4. Then release and return to the initial position.
  • 5. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Lateral crunch with cable : several techniques tips and advice

  • 1. Voluntarily contract your abs by aspiring your bellybutton.
  • 2. Verrouillez le coude et focalisez vous sur vos obliques.
  • 3. During your series, do not stop, continue your movement without ever stopping to maintain the abdominal contraction.
  • 4. Do not lean forward or backward during exercise.
  • 5. Go down according to your feelings and your flexibility.

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