Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


Here is a variation of the classic biceps curl, the arm is placed in front of the body and the grip is supine. Here we are in isolation on the biceps. It is the most favorite muscle of most bodybuilding practitioners, it is important to be able to vary your exercises.

To perform the movement well, here are the instructions for the unilateral cable curl

  • 1. Place a pulley in the down position on a pulley machine, grasp the supine handle with your right hand and pull it toward the lower part of your pelvis, in front of you, to get into the starting position (see video).
  • 2. In the upright position, pull the handle to the top of your chest only with the forearm.
  • 3. Once your amplitude is complete, return to the starting position by controlling the movement.
  • 4. Continue your series by repeating the movement on this arm, then change sides.

To help you, here are our tips, advice and techniques for the unilateral cable curl

  • 1. Align your wrist and elbow as much as possible on the same horizontal axis
  • 2. Keep the elbow locked.
  • 3. Look in front of you and do not bend your back, do not use your back, we advise you to unload.
  • 4. You can stand with the other hand on the machine or stand for your balance. However do not use it to force with the back.
  • 5. Make slow movements on the return phase (eccentric phase).

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