Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedLower back


This compound exercise will mainly strengthen your abs and your transverse. It is reserved for intermediate level practitioners because the ball can destabilize you and requires more concentration and contraction in the muscles of the anterior chain.

Here is a variation of position where you will be facing the ball. The longer you stay in position, the more effective you are.

This is the instructions for plank on swiss ball

  • 1. Put yourself in the plank position on the ball: the toes of feet to the back, the elbows on the ball and under the shoulders. The body aligned.
  • 2. Once in position on the ball, be sure not to arch or dig your back. Keep the buttocks aligned, do not raise them and do not lower it.
  • 3. Hold this position the desired time according to your series.

Plank on swiss ball : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Voluntarily contract your abs by aspiring the bellybutton.
  • 2. Your position is still on the plank, ankles to the shoulders through the pelvis, the joints are aligned.
  • 3. Respect the times and the number of repetitions you have set in advance.

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