Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedAbs, biceps, shoulders, upper back


Here is a first variation of the vertical draft that you can use to vary your angle of work and thus put your biceps to contribution to help you move.

Like all your bodybuilding exercises, it is important to optimize your diet plan.

This is the instructions for the lat pull reverse hand and how to do 

  • 1. Set the load on the machine and attach a bar high enough to pull it down.
  • 2. Grasp the bar with the palms of your hands facing you and with the same spacing as the shoulders.
  • 3. Then sit on the seat, letting your arms stretch.
  • 4. While inhaling, pull your arms, down and on the same axis, contracting your big dorsals. Bring the center of the bar as low as possible toward the center of the chest.
  • 5. While controlling the ascent, return to the starting position. Get up as much as possible by stretching out your arms.
  • 6. Continue your series by repeating the movement.

Lat pull reverse hand : several techniques, tips and advice

  • 1. Keep breathing consistent with your movements. The inspiration is done by shooting.
  • 2. Tighten your shoulder blades  
  • 3. Do not rush, make precise movements.
  • 4. Have a full amplitude on your movement and control as much as possible the ascent.
  • 5. Remember to use your back muscles and not the biceps by squeezing the bar too hard.
  • 6. Elbows are not fixed.

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