Type of exerciseCompound

Muscles usedbiceps, traps, upper back


Upright row (draw chin) to develop your shoulders. New exercise, new instructions, new method.

Secondarily used in the gym and yet very effective, this movement is rather complicated for beginners, first control the movement before putting heavy loads. It allows to develop secondary your bicepstraps and upper back.

Remember to adapt your diet plan to optimize your workouts.

Read this list of instructions carefully to perfom on the upright row with band

  • 1. Set the desired load with a band and put yourself in the starting position : feet to the width of the pelvis, knees slightly bent, abdominals contracted.
  • 2. Grasp the band with a pronation hold (palm of the hand down) and place the bar in front of you with the arms extended (without stretching them to the maximum).
  • 3. When you raise your elbows, raise the band as high as you can depending on how you feel towards the chin.
  • 4. Slow down to the starting position, keeping the same axis and the band close to the body.

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to perfom on the upright row with band

  • 1. Do not pull with your back, do not lean back.
  • 2. Do not break your wrists : do not turn them forward during exercise
  • 3. Do not let the weight of the band hang down and pull on your joints, always control the movement and keep some bending at the elbow when lowering the band.
  • 4. Only mount elbows and leave flexibility in your shoulders. Never go over your head with your elbows.
  • 5. Do not continue your series if there is pain in your shoulder. favor an identical movement with dumbbell or unilateral (see variants).
  • 6. Do not try to raise the bar too high to avoid injury.

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