Type of exerciseIsolation

Muscles usedNone


Frontal elevation can be complicated for some people with shoulder stiffness, muscle weakness or joint problems.

It is advisable not to make it if a pain occurs during this movement. This exercise of isolation is however very useful to muscle, this will strengthen mainly the anterior deltoid.

The shoulders are very important on the one hand physiologically, but also aesthetic, it will allow you to have more muscular arms visually speaking.

Follow these instructions to perform the front delt on incline bench 

  • 1. Have two dumbbells and a bench inclined at 30 °.
  • 2. Position yourself in front, with the bust leaning against the seat of the bench. Keep your feet on the ground for your stability.
  • 3. Let your arms hang down to the ground in a natural way, keeping control over the weights.
  • 4. Raise the dumbbells in front of you simultaneously.
  • 5. Go down very slowly to get back to the ground.
  • 6. Continue this way by repeating the movement according to your series then you can finish on alternate elevations to finish your exercise.

See our list of tips, advice and techniques to go further on the front delt on incline bench

  • 1. Look in front of you for your cervicals.
  • 2. Raise the dumbbells in alignment with the shoulder.
  • 3. Do not bend elbows excessively when climbing so you do not use your biceps and focus on your shoulders.
  • 4. Do not use your back and do not give jerks to help you.
  • 5. The descent is twice as slow as the climb. Retain the return phase as much as possible for effective eccentric work.

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