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Improve your physical condition

6 weeks program

The 6-week program we offer is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Whatever your gender, your lifestyle, the number of sessions per week, whether your workouts are intense or careful, our 6-week program is made for you.

Our tailor-made training program will take into account many criteria in order to select the most suitable exercises.

Ladies, for you, nothing is left to chance either. All the videos we have selected for your 6 week program are specifically designed by our female coaches in order to meet all your needs.

When you start your program, you will be asked questions to determine precisely what your needs, your goals and your weaknesses are.

Each week is designed to get you working the right muscle, at the right time, taking into account the necessary rest periods between each training day.

In addition, you can even select a muscle you wish to train further. We will then adapt and structure your weekly programs to guarantee you an unequaled efficiency for an online training schedule.

Always keep in mind that your are sure to reach your goals with enough willpower, a healthy lifestyle and an adapted diet.

Discover our diet calculator and its accompanying food plan to maximize the chances of getting the results you have always dreamed of.



No obligation, cancel at any time from your personal space.

Fit Guy

Discover unique sessions, a personalized 6-week program and a flexible diet calculator.

  • Personalized food plan
  • Diet calculator under the supervision of a nutritionist
  • 6 weeks fully personalized program
  • Many hours of training with audio
  • Save favorite videos
  • Special space for women